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Bariatric Medicine

1 - 1.25hour consultation includes detailed medical and bariatric histories, physical examination, body composition analysis testing, EKG (if not done recently), appropriate lab studies, (including food sensitivity testing if indicated).

Treatment options are customized to each patient with more weight loss options offered then anywhere else.


Protocols include -

Caloric restriction using supermarket foods and / or a wide variety of protein meal replacements / snacks based upon medical necessity and patient preference.

Nutriceutical and herbal adjunctive therapies that address each person's unique causes of obesity.

Drug therapy (if indicated/safe) to control hunger and enhance program compliance.

Simple behavioral modification techniques that are easily applied and can help keep you on track with your program.

Graded, safe exercise program recommendations that can help you to improve cardiovascular fitness and keep the weight off that's been lost.

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