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Your body is an integrated system.  Progressive medicine seeks to address the root causes of illness and disease.  Our goal is to treat the whole body, not just symptoms.

Please inquire as to whether or not we are conducting any new research trials if you would be interested in being a research subject.

Dr. Erner is currently meeting with patients via Tele-medicine. 

You will be notified when the office reopens.

Our Services

Bariatric Medicine

Treatment options are customized to each patient with more weight loss options offered then anywhere else.

Age Management

Detailed discussion of the latest treatments in the field that are geared towards improving one’s quality of life, decreasing inflammation and optimization of hormonal levels.

Complementary / Alternative Medicine

Detailed discussion of the various treatment approaches for each identified medical problem, utilizing a non-drug approach where ever reasonable


Mesotherapy microinjection therapy with a variety of agents introduced into the mesoderm below the skin in order to allow for spot shrinkage of fat deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Specialized Health Care

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